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1 22/04/2017 70-Est of 2017 Constitution of Committee for regulating the quality services in hotels hired by the Estates Department in Srinagar   View Document
2 22/04/2017 69-Est of 2017 Allotment of Government quarters at Srinagar in favour of move officials 2017 on repeat basis   View Document
3 19/04/2017 GO No 215-DE of 2017 Assigning of additional charge.   View Document
4 18/04/2017 GO No 66-EST of 2017 Designation/Nomination of Public Information Officer   View Document
5 17/04/2017 GO No 63-EST of 2017 Construction/upgradation/renovation/repairs of residential accommodation at Srinagar/Jammu.   View Document
6 17/04/2017 GO 62-EST of 2017 Compassionate appointment of Mr. Reyaz Ahmad Sheikh S/O Abdul Salam Sheikh and LAte Mst. Raja Former Sweeper R/o Batapora Khanbal Anantnag as Sweeper under SRO-43 of 1994.   View Document
7 11/04/2017 Circular Physical Status of Allotment at Jammu and Srinagar   View Document
8 03/04/2017 Circular Submission of online Allotment Forms for Srinagar.   View Document
9 09/02/2017 Circular No 02-DE of 2017 Allotment of residential accommodation at Srinagar in favour of Moving officers/Officials -Summer Session-2017   View Document
10 07/02/2017 Est Estab 2009 03 Retirement Retirement of Officials of Estates Deptt during year   View Document